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PGAIR Phase III Implementation Plan

Under the Phase III Implementation Plan, PGAIR has developed numerous strategies to improve air quality within the airshed.

The strategies are intended to be implemented over a five year period (2011 – 2016). However, some of the strategies are longer-term and may extend beyond 2016. Strategies cannot all be implemented by PGAIR itself: some strategies would be communicated to the relevant member organization that would become the lead for a particular strategy, or to a relevant lead that is external to the PGAIR membership.

In this way, PGAIR’s key role is in the multi-stakeholder development of strategies, which are then communicated to others as needed. In cases where PGAIR is not the lead, its role is to promote, encourage, and follow-up with strategy leads who are members of PGAIR or who are not members of PGAIR, as the case may be.

Each year, PGAIR will develop an annual priority list (work plan) from this matrix and confirm leads and partners and associated actions. The annual work plan will refine the actions to provide more detail where necessary and will also establish a measure or indicator to gauge the success of the outcome.

This matrix will be amended on occasion where information or strategies & actions are identified.

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