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If you have a concern about a specific regulated activity or sector, please view our Air Quality Complaints Quick Reference Guide for agency contact information. If you have a concern or question on how to improve air quality phone PGAIR please email us: Local air quality concerns can be directed to the Ministry of Environment through the RAPP Online Form or by phone at 1-877-952-7277.

Introducing the new name for the Wood Stove Exchange Program

The provincial Wood Stove Exchange Program (WSEP) has been renamed as the provincial Community Wood Smoke Reduction Program (CWSRP). The name change was made to better reflect the overall goal of the program, to reduce wood smoke exposure in BC communities. Five high priority changes and focus areas for the 2023 Community Wood Smoke Reduction Program are: 

  • Remove the option to exchange wood stoves for natural gas or propane-fired appliances -- to align the CWSRP with the climate targets in the Clean BC Roadmap to 2030
  • Increase incentive levels for heat pumps, pellet stoves, electric inserts and certified wood stoves
  • Make changes to encourage and enable greater First Nations participation
  • Continue to better enable red-zone communities and low-income households to participate in the program.
  • Raise awareness of wood smoke health effects and good burning practices