Pledge to Drive Smart and be Idle-Free

Do your part to help make the air cleaner in your community and fight climate change by taking our Drive Smart Idle-Free Pledge. Please complete the following form and let us know what you will be doing to make a difference.

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1. I will walk, ride, bike, take transit or carpool instead of driving alone in a car as often as possible.
2. If I must drive, I will avoid idling.
3. I will drive slower and use cruise control (when appropriate) to maintain a steady speed and reduce fuel consumption.
4. I will turn off my engine when stopped for 60 seconds or more (except in traffic).
5. I will run more than one errand and plan my trips to minimize driving time.
6. I will walk-in to restaurants rather than going through the drive-thru.
7. I will keep my vehicle in good working order.
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Prince George Idle Reduction & 
Eco-Driving Campaign

PGAIR's Idle-reduction and Eco-driving campaign focuses on raising awareness about unnecessary vehicle idling and its impact on climate change and air quality, as well as the benefits of fuel-efficient driving practices .

Remember – Idling gets you nowhere.  Together we can make Prince George "idle free" and all breathe a little easier.

To learn more about the campaign, the impacts of idling and vehicle emissions, and how you can take action, please click here.

Try out our 'idling hotspot map' reporting tool... 


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